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Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries to live in terms of culture and natural beauty. The capital of the country has the same name as the canton which is named Zurich. The word ‘Zurich’ comes from an old Celtic word 'Turus'. The city is a financial center. ETH and Zurich University, which are among the best universities in Europe, are also in this city. FIFA headquarters is in Zurich. The lake which is in the north of Switzerland is also known as lake of Zurich. The city, which is 30 km away from the Alpine mountains, is covered with forests and offers a different beauty for every season. In 2006 when Zurich was compared to all other European cities it was considered the most livable city in Europe. For this reason, Zurich is also known that is the most expensive city of living among European cities. The average salary in Zurich is around €7.000 . It is strictly forbidden to purchase housing by foreigners who do not have a residence permit in the canton of Zurich; but this does not prevent foreigners from doing business. Although the official language is German, it is used with a dialect of Zurich German. Meanwhile, different languages such as English, French and Italian are spoken by the public at home. In the last census of Zurich, its environment and population reached 1.840.000. The currency of Switzerland, which is not a European Union country, is the Swiss Franc. There are many attractions to be seen while in Zurich and here are some of them:

Fraumünster Church: The church was built on a nunnery, is famous for its stained glass made by Marc Chaqall. It is also one of the most beautiful examples of Roman Architecture.

Grossmünster Cathedral: The Cathedral was built in 12AD on the remains of an old church which was built in 9AD. Grossmünster Cathedral is known for the Reform movements among the German speaking people in Switzerland.

Bahnhof Strasse: If you start walking from the train station you will end up at Lake Zurich. This is the main shopping area which you can find the famous brands such as Cartier, Louis Vutton and even Channel.

Börsen Strasse: Zurich Stock Exchange and many banks are located in this area. Therefore the area is also known as the Financial Centre.

Museum Langmatt: It is an Art Gallery with the collection from Monet, Renoir, Picasso and Van Gogh.

Landesmuseum (Swiss National Museum): Many historical monuments from prehistoric age to the present are exhibited. The Museum is designed by Gustav Gull.

Zurich Alstadt (Old Town): This region is considered as the first settlement of the city. Many cafes, restaurants are open in the area therefor the old town is very lively.

Lake Zurich: The lake with its magnificent appearance gave the city its name. You can always see the swans and the ducks swimming in the lake. If you wish, you can enjoy the magnificent view of the snowy Alps by wandering around the lake with a steamer boat which they operate all year round. It was very relaxing and peaceful for us when we did this tour in February.

FIFA (Association of International Football Federation): The highest level of management of football worldwide is known as FIFA and is in Zurich, Switzerland. FIFA, has 211 national football federations and is the organization that manages world football implements, changes the rules as well as organizing various football tournaments.

Zurich, is a very nice city to be visited all year round if you do not mind cold winter days. It is well organized but an expensive city. If you haven’t seen Zurich yet you should have it in your list.  


I am heading to a country which is famous with its chocolates and fondue. I am sure you have guessed by now!!! Yes, it is Switzerland.