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The city of PARIS is known as the most romantic city of Europe. The city also has importance in the World history besides the economic, political field and ofcourse fashion and luxury. The name ‘Paris’ is not known actually where it comes from but some refer that it can be from an Egyptian Goddess Isis. It is assumed that there are temples dedicated to Isis in the region and the name of the city derives from the word 'Perisis' from the ancient Egyptian language. It may had come from the sinking legendary city of Ys after being under the waves. The word is the combination of par (ship). The city is also known as the city of light with its colorful structure. 'Ville Lumiere'. Paris has 20 regions. ‘Ile de la Cite’ is the administrative region which is the center. The population is around 2,500,000 and this number reaches 12,000,000 with its suburbs. Approx. 35,000,000 tourists visit the city every year. I grew up listening to the songs of Mireille Mathieu and Edith Piaf from my Mom who still remembers the lyrics by heart and sings even in her 90’s. The best way to explore the city is on foot. Therefor always wear comfortable shoes. Here are some sights that one must visit while in Paris.

Eiffel Tower: The tower was built as a door to the Paris fair which was held for the French revolution celebrations. It remained the tallest tower in the world until the Chrysler building was built in New York City in 1929. The tower was built by Alexandre - Gustave Eiffel company and is considered as the one of the first examples of modern architecture. It is believed that 250 million people have visited. The tower has 3 viewing terraces at different heights. If you want to see the magnificent view of Paris you have to go to the top of the tower like we did. It is amazing to illustrate the view of Paris under your feet. The Eiffel tower was red when it was first painted. Today, the tower is in bronze color. If you do not want to wait in long lines you can also buy your ticket in advance from the website www.toureiffel.paris.fr.

Notre Dame Cathedral: It was built 1163-1334 as a Gothic style, the Cathedral is in the region known as the religious center of the city. The Cathedral, with its 69-meter-high twin towers, is on the banks of the River Seine. Jesus' thorny crown’ is also preserved here, and the rose window of the Cathedral and flying beatreces are the most popular sections. In 2019, some parts of the Cathedral were destroyed from the fire.

Louvre Museum: This is the first museum opened after the French Revolution which is in the shape of a glass pyramid. Louvre Museum is the biggest in the World with more than 36,000 paintings are exhebited. The paintings of Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo are in this Museum. If you do not want to line up you can always buy your ticket in advance from the website www.louvre.fr.

Champs Elysee: Many people know the lyrics named Champs Elysee. It is the most famous boulevard in Paris. It was actually made by the gardener Andre le Notre of Lois XIV gardener when he extended the Tuilleries Garden. The boulevard goes from Arc De Triomphe to Concorde Square. Nowadays the most famous shops and restaurants are all gathered here. Every year the celebrations of July 14th the French National Day and Christmas Events take place here. Arc De Triomphe de L’Etoile: The monument was built in 1806-1836 to the memory of French Revolutionaries and Napoleonic Wars. The height of the e monument is 46 meters and connects 12 streets. Under the building there is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers.

Paris Disneyland: Disneyland was established on 1915 in Florida, USA. Euro Disney project was in use in 1992 which included hotel and entertainment activities in an area of 2,000 hectares outside Paris.
PARIS is a city full of art galleries, museums, entertainment venues and haute couture. If you want to explore the city and get the most out of it you must stay for a week . So therefor make sure to have Paris in your bucket list.


The city of PARIS is known as the most romantic city of Europe. The city also has importance in the World history besides the economic, political field and ofcourse fashion and luxury.

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