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Paphos Gate is where we start for the tour. We ‘ll walk in Ledra street while we pass thru the old houses that was built during the Lusignan, Ottoman and English period. After crossing the border from South to North Nicosia we walk all the way to Kyrenia Gate. Arasta,Venetian Column, Samanbahce Houses, St. Sophia Cathedral, St. Nicholas Church and Buyuk Han will be only some of the places that will be visited. You will taste the local food and have some free time. This tour combines the past and present in the streets of Nostalgia in the divided capital of the island.Please wear comfortable shoes as this tour is on foot.

Paphos - Kyrenia- Famagusta Gate: As Nicosia was surrounded with walls in the old days there were only 3 gates to enter Nicosia. These were Famagusta, Kyrenia and Paphos Gates. All these gates had guards and when the sun set the guards wood lock the gates for the protection of the city until the sun rised for the next day.

Samanbahce Houses: These are 72 houses which were built in early 1900’s on the land of Saban Pasha. They were the first social houses and were given to the people in need. You’ll see a cistern in the centre with beautiful flowers on the side of the houses which are still in use.

Venetian Column: It is in the centre of N.Nicosia. It was brought here from Salamis by Venetians. There was a lion on the top of the pillar but later on removed by the English and replaced by a globe.

Arasta: Surrounded with small shops selling yarn, material, jewelrey etc

St.Sophia Cathedral: It was built in 1208-1326 by Lusignans and were being crowned here. When Ottomans came in 1570 added minarets and converted in to a Mosque.

St.Nicholas Church(Bedesten): Constructed on the 14th century Byzantine church. It was built as a cathedral Church by Lusignans and used as St. Nicholas Church and Archbishop building by Venetians. During Ottoman period it was used as Bedesten which was the textile and food market. 

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